Nestled in the vibrant culture and breathtaking scenery of Kerala, Trios Hotel stands as a hideaway just waiting to be discovered. The search for an unforgettable winter getaway is over if you’ve been wanting one. Let’s find out why Trios Hotel is the best choice for a wonderful trip to Kochi this season.


  1. Comfortable stay at Trios Hotel.

Comfort isn’t just a bonus at the Trios Hotel; It’s a way of life. Step into our beautifully appointed rooms, where warm warmth and modern comfort combine to create a home away from home. Each client will find his or her ideal escape in our carefully selected accommodation, whether alone, with family or a romantic break. Relaxing on a comfortable couch and taking in the breathtaking views of Kochi’s skyline, the gentle whispers of the city will transport you to a state of utter tranquility


  1. Delicious food.

Get ready for an unforgettable dining experience at Trios Hotel. Our skilled chefs use only the freshest, regional ingredients to create mouth-watering dishes that perfectly capture the rich culinary traditions of Kerala. Enjoy a hearty breakfast to start the day, a traditional Kerala lunch and a fabulous dinner. The sweet flavors of fish and spices convey a statement of culinary sophistication.


  1. Great hobbies.

Explore Trios Hotel amenities, such as free WiFi, restaurant, 24-hour help desk, ample parking, room service and in-room tea and coffee facilities to keep you relaxed . . . . Your comfort is paramount, and is reflected in every aspect of our offering. Enjoy delicious food, stay with flawless WiFi, and take advantage of our 24-hour support. At Trios Hotel, your satisfaction is our top priority, so you can expect a pleasant and satisfying stay


  1. Explore Kochi.

Step outside the walls of our hotel and discover the amazing sights of Kochi. Filled with beautiful backwaters and historic sites, this coastal paradise offers plenty of opportunities for exploration. Take a leisurely boat ride between the tranquil backwaters, where picturesque towns and landscapes offer a glimpse of Kerala’s natural beauty. Explore the colorful streets of Kochi Fort, where bustling markets and colonial buildings come together to create a diverse culture. At Trios Hotel we would be happy to help you organize custom tours that highlight the best of this fascinating city.


  1. Wonderful hospitality.

The real difference from the likes of Trios Hotel is our constant commitment to visitor happiness. Our dedicated staff is here to ensure every aspect of your stay meets your expectations from the minute you arrive until you leave. We go above and beyond and make you feel right at home, whether it’s organizing customized experiences, what you want to follow up with, or just providing a kind smile and efficient service. Not just visitors to the Trios Hotel; You are a valuable part of our family.


  1. Plan your stay.

Allow us to serve as your peaceful haven in the heart of Kochi as the temperature soars and summer approaches. We encourage you to experience the highest level of luxury and hospitality with us, whether you are seeking a peaceful getaway, a culinary adventure, or a cultural tour. Enjoy the cuisine of Kerala, embrace the generous hospitality of the region and make memories for a lifetime. Our hotel is your dream summer holiday destination, where every second is a delight in paradise.


Trios Hotel is an outstanding example of luxury, comfort and friendliness in busy Ernakulam. Join us this summer as we take you on an incredible journey filled with unforgettable experiences An escape from everyday life. Find out why Trios Hotel is the ideal choice for your summer holiday in Kochi by booking your reservation today.