It is not uncommon for travelers in Kochi to consider a wide range of options while deciding on the ideal hotel. Nonetheless, Trios Hotel is just where you should go if you want to have an unforgettable vacation with all of the luxury and convenience. This hotel, located on MG Road in Kochi, is known as the best in town and provides modern amenities as well as excellent service and a welcoming atmosphere. This is why staying at Trios Hotel is an excellent choice for those looking to enjoy themselves while visiting this vibrant city.


Prime Location in MG Road

Trios Hotel has one of the most convenient locations in Kochi that ensures easy access to both business and pleasure purposes. With its many businesses, shopping complexes as well as restaurants; it’s also known for commercial importance. If you are staying at Trios Hotel you are right where everything happens, with proximity to Marine Drive, Lulu Mall and Fort Kochi among other major attractions. It’s a central place that never lets one miss out on any fun; thus making it a perfect 3-star hotel in Kochi where one can get lost in discovering all parts of the city.


Unbeatable Comfort and Facilities

Trios Hotel takes delight in offering numerous amenities that will improve your stay. The following are some of the most significant features distinguishing this hotel from the rest.


High-Speed Wi-Fi

Stable internet access is essential in today’s connected world. Thus, Trios Hotel has high-speed Wi-Fi all over its premises for an easy connection as you would like. Are you going to catch up on work, watch your favorite programs or communicate with your parents or friends? You can be sure of permanent connectivity no matter the time.

24/7 Help Desk

Trios Hotel boasts of delivering exceptional customer service. If you have any questions, the helpdesk is available 24 hours a day, every day of the week. The front desk staff at Trios hotels are trained to offer prompt assistance upon request and provide information about transportation needs, neighbouring tourist attractions or anything else requested by guests promptly by being quick and efficient assisting customers.

Prompt Room Service

When you want to relax in privacy of your room, Trios Hotel provides an extensive room service menu. Late night snack maybe? Or would you perhaps prefer a full dinner? Either way, this restaurant’s room service is unbeatable in terms of quality food and drinks served without having to leave one’s quarters.


Secure Parking

It is difficult to secure parking in a place congested like MG Road. However, Trios Hotel has enough parking space for its guests. This means that your car will be safe and you do not have to worry about finding a parking lot as you tour the city.


On-Site Restaurant

Go on a culinary trip right inside the restaurants of this hotel which provides well prepared local and international dishes. The restaurant has a nice environment and offers quality services for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Whether it is Kerala food that you love or other ethnic flavours, there is always something on the menu to satisfy all desires.


In-Room Tea/Coffee Maker

In order to make them more convenient or comfortable, this Trios Hotel features coffee/tea makers in each room. You can start off your day with hot brewed coffee while relaxing tea before retiring to bed from your room.


Comfortable and Stylish Accommodations

Trios Hotel offers various luxury rooms meant for relaxation and style. Each room is tastefully decorated with modern furnishings and equipped with all necessary amenities needed for an enjoyable stay. From basic single rooms to spacious suites, there is a perfect fit for any traveller looking forward to satisfying their needs.

The rooms are meticulously furnished with attention to detail. They have comfortable beds, luxury bed linen, flat screen TVs, mini-fridges and work tables. The modern bathrooms have complimentary toiletries and fluffy towels so that you’ll have everything you need for a peaceful stay.

Commitment to Cleanliness and Safety

Hygiene and safety is paramount in today’s world. Trios hotel does the utmost possible for the highest level of hygiene. The hotel follows tight cleaning procedures as well as uses hospital grade disinfectants that sanitize all areas. Additionally, crew members are trained on strict rules regarding security matters thus ensuring a secure place where customers don’t need to worry about anything.

Exceptional Value for Money

As a three star hotel in Kochi, Trios Hotel offers exceptional value for money. This is quite reasonable considering the combination of good service, high quality amenities and an ideal location thereby making it a good option for budget travelers and others who want luxurious accommodation at affordable prices.

Proximity to Kochi’s Attractions

Trios Hotel is in close proximity of some of the most popular attractions in Kochi itself. You can easily wander through beautiful streets at Fort Kochi or see famous Chinese fishing nets or even take a walk along Marine Drive. Being centrally located in this part of town means residents also have easy access towards busy shopping districts within the city, cultural centers, etc.

Sustainable Practices

Trios Hotel is committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly options. The hotel has energy efficient lighting, water conservation measures and waste reduction programs. When you stay in Trios Hotel, you are supporting a company that appreciates environmental responsibility and works to preserve the natural beauty of Kochi.

Personalized Service

What really sets Trios Hotel apart is its commitment to providing bespoke service. The team go above and beyond to make each guest feel special and honoured. Whether it’s a warm welcome on check-in, personal recommendations for local activities, or thoughtful details like a birthday puzzle, the Trios Hotel team is dedicated to making your stay which will never be forgotten.

Located on MG Road in Kochi, Trios Hotel is more than just a place to stay; It is an experience that combines comfort, convenience and outstanding service. As a top hotel in MG Road in Kochi, it offers everything travelers want from modern amenities, luxurious accommodation, luxurious location and exceptional prices whether you are in Kochi for business or pleasure, Trios Hotel is more than you look way on the experience it gives you lasting memories for sure. Book your accommodation today and find out why Trios Hotel is the best choice for travelers in Kochi.